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Boozhoo Aaniin!

Boozhoo Aaniin! Wiisagi Ma’iingan ndizinikaaz. Makwa Ndoodem. Odawa ndaaw. Waganakising Odawa nadadibendaagwaz. 


Hello! My name is Wiisagi Ma’iingan or A. I am Bear Clan from the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians.

I am a queer Indigenous designer, writer, artist, speaker, and community member. Sometimes I host workshops in classrooms about decolonization.

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2022- present, Indigenous Voices in Web3: This initiative first started as a way to raise awareness for ICWA in June 2022, when the case was first headed to the Supreme Court. After a give-away, where participants were entered to win (donated) Indigenous artwork if they provided proof that they signed and shared petitions to protect ICWA, we hosted a Twitter Space to speak about ICWA and the issues faced in the Indigenous Community. Since then, I and my co-creators have hosted weekly spaces to highlight Indigenous Artists and speak about things going on in the community.

2023, NFTNYC: I was able to speak on the first all-Turtle Island Indigenous panel at NFTNYC. I had the honor of facilitating a conversation with three other Indigenous artists about technology, NFTs, and what all of this could mean for Indigenous peoples moving forward. 

2023, Pink Shirt Day: My artwork was chosen by Strong Nations Bookstore for their Pink Shirt Day design. The design is available for viewing and purchase here.

2022, Holiday Season: I had the honor of working with Our Healing Hub to host a 24-hour live Twitter space to fundraise for Indigenous Elders and children of Turtle Island and Puerto Rico. We were able to raise about $4,000 to purchase clothes, food, and gifts for the holidays. We featured an auction, showcasing the work of Indigenous artists. For auctions won, the artists received compensation, and the remainder went towards the fundraiser. This was done to ensure an equitable fundraiser all around. 

Unprofessional Professional (outside of work)


I have recently gotten into DnD and TTRPG. I am obsessed! My current character is a Rogue named Banajaanh. Fun Fact: The entire party hates him "in a loving way" or so they say. Outside of Banajaanh, I'm writing a homebrew campaign, which I'm super excited about! Outside of DnD, I'm looking to play other TTRPG games as I was recently gifted a Coyote and Crow book. Follow my Ko-Fi for more information on this journey! 


I enjoy beadwork and have been learning a lot about traditional Ojibwe floral patterns through this process. It's been a beautiful journey that has taught me a lot of patience and creativity. My favorite thing to bead is earrings. 


I would consider making ribbon skirts (and earrings) accomplishments! These are two ribbon skirts that I made. One is mine and one is my friend's. I don't sell them at present because I currently just enjoy making them for the people that I love. 

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